About Me

vincenzo-cherubino-photographer-about-meVincenzo began his photographic journey as a young child capturing special moments and memories while on vacation with his family. He has always had a fascination for the science of photography, for the light and the way it alters perceptions, and for the magic of the interaction between the camera and his subject. It has long been a way to express himself creatively. ”I’m happiest when I’m taking photographs,” he says. ”It’s where I belong.”

Vincenzo prefers documentary style photography and telling a story with photographs. His unique talent of capturing the emotion of a special moment makes him a superb wedding photographer and also brings an uncommon intimacy to his portraits. ”I’m always looking for interactions between people or with the light, and then I wait and watch until that moment appears in front of my eyes.”

Vincenzo enhanced his skill and appreciation of the craft by attaining a two-year diploma through the renowned Photography Program at Conestoga College.

“I try to bring an energy to every project,” he says. ”There’s always a lot of laughter during my shoots. I think that’s very important. It has to be a great experience!”

Vincenzo is based in Cambridge, Ontario and is available for travel to your destination.

Thank you, Vincenzo Valentino Cherubino